Secondary Science

Key Documents

NGSS Curriculum Scope and Sequence

The following pilot OUSD curriuclum scope and sequence documents were developed over the past few years by OUSD teacher leaders in alignment with the California version of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Note that some of the units and documents are currently in development and not available to teachers outside of Oakland. We will provide an update later in the year.

Units are backwards mapped from the summative task. Units are driven by an essential question and anchor phenomenon. The unit ends with a summative task that captures 3-dimensional learning, collaboration and literacy skills. Students revisit the curriculum features (anchor phenomenon, anchor text, and unit rubric) throughout the unit.​

Advanced Placement resources and curriculum guides are available from the College Board Web Site.



Middle School Textbooks

CPO's Focus on Earth, Life, and Physical Science is the last adopted middle school science curriculum for grades 6th-8th. As we transition to NGSS and the California Integrated Model, students and teachers will need access to all three textbooks throughout a school year. ​Sites can rotate textbooks and materials within a site when appropriate.

High School Textbooks

The following textbooks were adopted in April 2007 for the various high school courses. Textbooks and teacher materials can be found at school site. The links below will take you to the publisher websites for each book.

Biology Biology Nowicki Houghton Mifflin (McDougal) 0618725105
Biotechnology Biotechnology: Science for a New Millennium Daugherty Paradigm Publishing 0763822825
Chemistry Chemistry California Edition Wilbraham Pearson Prentice Hall 0132013053
Conceptual Physics* Physics a First Course Hsu CPO Science 1588921417
Earth Science Earth Science California Edition Tarbuck Pearson Prentice Hall 131667556
Environmental Science* Environmental Science - A Study of Interrelationships (Hard Cover) Enger McGraw Hill 0073204803
Geology Earth Science (11th Ed) Tarbuck Pearson Prentice Hall 013197212X
Physics* Conceptual Physics* Hewitt Pearson Prentice Hall 131663011
Physiology Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology (HS binding) Martini Pearson Prentice Hall 0805373039
AP Biology Biology  Campbell Pearson Prentice Hall 805367772
AP Chemistry Chemistry the Central Science Brown Pearson Prentice Hall 0131937197
AP Env. Science Living in the Environment Miller Thomson Brooks Cole


AP Physics Physics Cutnell Peoples Education 0471663157

*note that Physics is coincidentally using a book called Conceptual Physics, while Conceptual Physics is using a different book.